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Episode 63: Trade Show Booths Tips and Best Practices

If you take your company to present at a trade show and have a booth setup there, then this podcast episode is for you.  We discuss interesting marketing hooks and tips to get trade show attendees to stop at your booth and engage with your company.  These marketing hooks can be anything from custom videos to live pigs in the booth. We also talk about productivity tools like QR codes, virtual registrations for giveaways and NFC card technology to see who is working at the booth and who is not.  We are joined on the show by Andy Quinn and Michelle Ciaccio of United Country Red River Properties.  Great information, enjoy the show.


United Country – Red River Properties



Episode 32: County Fairs, House Arrest, and Mystery Beans from China.

Across America, county fairs have been canceled or postponed due to Covid 19. Auctioneers are fighting back with Online Auctions to help the 4-H and FFA kids reach their annual goals.
We also discuss a $1.5 million renovated family home with jail cells in it and the mysterious seeds in the mail being sent by China.
All this and more, enjoy the show…

Cornell Cooperative Extension Video

Home with Jail Cells Article

Mystery Seeds from China