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Episode 72: How to Win in Google Search Rankings

We are joined in the studio by United Country Real Estates technology expert, Jim Nowak as we discuss how Google ranks websites and how we can win the ranking game. Jim offers great insight into the way Google web-crawlers find and rank websites and then offers multiple strategies into ways that office owners can get their websites to rank higher.  Join us as we uncover some awesome strategies that may make it possible to get to page (1) on Google searches.

Episode 45: Designing Websites Correctly and QR Code Revival

All set up in our brand new studio, we are joined by former HP tech guy turned real estate technology wizard, as he gives us a basic tutorial on how to properly set up a website for maximum exposure and efficiency.  We also discuss the unique emergence of the QR code, and how it is making a revival during the Covid curveball.

Make sure to listen in to this epis0de as it offers great insight for office website owners and builders.

QR Code Returns

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Episode 40: Writing Powerful SEO Copy & Living in Costa Rica with Mike Krieg

Find out how to make your listings show up higher on Google searches through powerful SEO strategies from Mike Krieg. We also discuss living in Costa Rica and how awesome that country has become over the years. Mike has been operating in Costa Rica for many years and gives wonderful insight.  We also play a second round of the “Statistics Game” with Trina and Mike.  See who wins the round.


Mike Krieg – Gypsy 

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