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Episode 36: AirBnB, VRBO and Vacation Rentals with Angie Gallaher

Curious about AirBnB or VRBO as a business owner, check out this great episode as we speak with Angie Gallaher of Imboden, Arkansas.
Angie and Allen have been in the vacation rental business for several years and give us insight into owning, operating and even selling vacation rental properties. Another very informative show, give it a listen.

Angie’s AirBnB Cabin

How to Contact Angie Gallaher



Episode 7: Adam Keith & Matt Dye explain how Land & Legacy is improving land both financially and biologically.


In this episode we talk with professional land consultants Matt Dye and Adam Keith about their land management company (Land & Legacy) which is designed to help landowners improve their land to a more productive state both financially and biologically.

We also touch on why they moved their land brokerage licenses over to United Country Real Estate as they explain which tools and services are most important to today’s land brokers and agents.

This is an awesome episode with two first class land entrepreneurs.