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Episode 20: Viral Video Marketing with Christian Vedder

We are joined in the studio by Christian Vedder of Viral Video Marketing.

Christian is a wealth of information regarding video marketing, optimization and driving maximum traffic to your company and project videos. We also talk about different software and apps that will help you enhance your video capture, upload and marketing experience.

This is a first rate segment with a true professional video marketing guru, so enjoy show.

Episode 19: Aerial Drones with Patrick McBride of Drone on Demand

Our good friend Patrick McBride is back with us in the studio.

Patrick is the owner and a professional drone pilot | aerial photographer with Drone on Demand. We discuss new FAA regulations that pertain to drone use as well as new technologies that are evolving in the aerial drone industry.

This is another great session with a first class guy, so buckle up for a high flying show.




Episode 7: Adam Keith & Matt Dye explain how Land & Legacy is improving land both financially and biologically.


In this episode we talk with professional land consultants Matt Dye and Adam Keith about their land management company (Land & Legacy) which is designed to help landowners improve their land to a more productive state both financially and biologically.

We also touch on why they moved their land brokerage licenses over to United Country Real Estate as they explain which tools and services are most important to today’s land brokers and agents.

This is an awesome episode with two first class land entrepreneurs.



Episode 3: Aerial Drone Use in Marketing, Photography and Video Production

Episode 3: Aerial Drone Use in Marketing, Photography and Video Production.

In this episode we talked professional drone pilot and aerial photographer Patrick McBride with Drone on Demand. We discuss the current FAA regulations that pertain to drone use.  We also talk about the different types of aerial drones and equipment that are available , as well as a ton of tips, tricks and directions on what drones options work the best and how to make the most of your captured footage.

This session has a lot of information mixed with plenty of humor.

Enjoy this episode and check out Patrick’s company at www.DroneOnDemand.com when finished listening.