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Episode 82: Recording Professional Training Videos with Nick Niehaus

We all know that videos are a game changer when when trying to get your message out to the world.  In this latest podcast show, we are joined in the studio by Nick Niehaus, co-founder and head trainer at the Business Video School.  He talks with us about how beginner video trainers can overcome their reluctance to be on camera and we discuss the right equipment required to shoot professional training videos. We round out the show with a great discussion which covers where to showcase your videos so the world can see them.  Another great podcast show with a master at recording professional training videos and instructing others to do the same.  Enjoy the show…

Episode 43: Real Estate Marketing with Sophia Chavez-Barroso of Enhanced Marketing Solutions

Real Estate marketing is challenging and can make the difference between a successful sale or auction, and not getting the property sold. We are joined in the studio by Sofia Chavez-Barroso who leads the Kansas City based real estate marketing company Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS).  She brings us some great insights into current trends, using key words and phrases to capture more attention and we break down some of the marketing elements into what works and what doesn’t.

Enhanced Marketing Solutions

Episode 20: Viral Video Marketing with Christian Vedder

We are joined in the studio by Christian Vedder of Viral Video Marketing.

Christian is a wealth of information regarding video marketing, optimization and driving maximum traffic to your company and project videos. We also talk about different software and apps that will help you enhance your video capture, upload and marketing experience.

This is a first rate segment with a true professional video marketing guru, so enjoy show.