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Episode 50: Building Relationships & Teams with Dr. Heather Williamson

In this episode we get clinical advice from a true professional, as Dr. Heather Williamson explains how to build lasting relationships and develop industry leading teams. We talk about the key elements of building important relationships that can weather the storm and also what enables people to “lead” others and gain their respect.  This is a great show for anyone that works with clients or leads a sales team.   Enjoy the show.

Episode 49: Why Leaders Succeed with Jeremy Torisk

In this episode we talk to self made entrepreneur Jeremy Torisk who started out digging pits for a local cable company, to executive management. He give insight into the common habits that are found in strong productive employees and managers, as well as what it was like starting from below the ground floor and working his way up.  Great show with excellent insight.


Torisk Pro Advisors

Episode 12: Importance of Professional Business Coaching with Will Metscher of Southwestern Consulting

***  Successful brokers, agents and auctioneers are often seasoned by a “coach” in the business. Join us as we have Will Metscher with Southwestern Consulting in our studio to discuss why coaching can work for those that embrace it.

During this episode we discuss the advantages of identifying (IPA’s) as well as discussing critical success factors that drive performance and results.

Will always comes with tons of information and great topics to dive into. Make sure to tune and take notes.